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CMA Promotion for April 2016

posted Apr 20, 2016, 12:11 AM by IMA Qatar Chapter   [ updated Apr 20, 2016, 12:13 AM ]

We have recently launched the April promotion, all new candidates who enroll in the CMA program will get a 50% off the IMA Professional membership, and the CMA entrance fee, even the application fee of $15 is waived.  Candidates need to pay only $235 under this promotion and the promo is valid until 30th April 2016.

Here is the link, artwork and instructions to be used by the candidates to avail the promotion,



Promo Code: MESPRNG16

To register under the promotion, please visit the link:


  1. Click on JOIN under Professional Membership & Application Processing fee.


  1. The login screen will appear, under the New User section, click on “Register Now” and complete the form. All fields identified by red titles are required fields. If you have already created a log in for the IMA website, please log in.


  1. You will be asked to select a local chapter to affiliate with based on your address on this for or a Member At Large.


  1. You will be taken to the IMA Statement of Ethical Professional Practice. All IMA members are expected to abide by this statement. At the top is a box to check acknowledging your agreement to abide by the statement.


  1. Click next at the bottom of the screen. The next screen asks if you have any felony charges. Respond appropriately to this question and then click the Finish box.


  1. Click on the Certification tab on the left hand side of the page and select Join the CMA Program.


  1. Click on Add to Cart under the CMA Program Entrance Fee and visit the Shopping Cart.


  1. You may see a box next to your selection with a red X and action required to continue click on this box.


  1. All IMA members are expected to abide by the IMA Confidentiality Agreement. At the top is a box to check acknowledging your agreement and click finish at the bottom of the screen.


  1. Be sure all Information needed boxes have changed to a checkmark and Ready for Checkout.


  1. Click the Checkout box and enter the MESPRNG16 and click on Apply Discount. The fee will change to $235. Enter credit card details and click on Process My Order.


  1. After completing your order you will see an Order Summary. You can print a receipt using the Print button at the bottom of the page.